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There’s no more need to be indecisive about going to a salon or barber shop to deal with the wait time of getting a haircut. Just 4 Him Men’s Haircuts invites you to a relaxing atmosphere where you can be entertained and come out looking like a new man without wasting valuable time.

All of our cosmetic specialists are licensed and barber certified which means you can always put trust in our team members to take care of your specific needs. Each of them have received extensive training to provide the best fade, tapers, and other haircut styles to all of our customers.

Enough feeling short-serviced by the typical barber shop or hair salon. We apply a modern touch and an exciting experience at a trip to one of our Just 4 Him Men’s Haircuts locations. Our in-depth sports cuts are custom and handcrafted exclusively for guys.

Prices Vary Per Location.

    If you have bushy eyebrows or are just looking to make your eyebrows to stand out more, you’re most likely in need of getting your eyebrows waxed. Many men neglect their eyebrows when grooming themselves and sometimes, facial hair can become not so flattering over time. Eyes are one of the number one place people glance at when they see you. Right above your eyes are your eyebrows and you wouldn’t want to lack style for one of the assets of your most vital features. Eyebrow waxing is a long-lasting solution that removes hair at the root rather than just the surface. We offer full service eyebrow waxing for any occasion to keep your most dominant features looking sharp. Our eyebrow waxing services are quick and painless and helps improve your face’s overall features.
    Getting a hot towel shave helps by minimizing pores and reducing lines and wrinkles while giving your skin regimen what it deserves. It’s important to maintain a healthy skin care routine but sometimes becomes hard to maintain on your own. Applying warm pressure to the face opens up pores and promotes healthy facial hair growth. A straight razor shave also relieves stress while making your skin look and feel better than ever. Our straight razor shave services will increase your face’s overall structure and amplify its overall appeal. Why a straight razor shave with a hot towel? -Removes Dirt & Oil -Opens Pores -Unclogs Pores
    Bring your beard back to life and get the trimming it needs to flourish. Your beard needs constant sculpting to stay nourished and healthy and it’s extremely important to keep a clean and consistently shaved beard that matches with your new haircut. When getting a new haircut, getting a beard trim along with your haircut will make your new hairstyle and beard stand out while driving attention to both your haircut and your facial features. Using proper beard care, we apply professional beard trimming techniques that will add style points to your overall appearance. Our first class barbers will create a refreshing and sophisticated look to your beard’s style to match with any of our dedicated men’s haircut styles. We ensure that your beard and facial hair keeps consistency and adds a symmetrical addition to your new haircut. We’ll take care of that dusty beard or goatee you’ve been growing for a few months now and match it up with any haircut of choice. Our beard trimming services will noticeably keep your facial hair looking clean and sharp.
    Scalp massages instantly alleviate stress. Did you know that scalp massages also offer health benefits along with the fact that they feel great? An important factor of a cosmetologist is to care about the overall health of hair and scalp and all our professionals understand this. Many also neglect the necessity of a scalp massage because they’re not completely familiar with the benefits of the technique. The scalp gets dry skin over time and constantly becomes itchy and oily leaving hair follicles clogged while commonly ending with hair loss. Come relax in one of our barbershop chairs and we’ll keep you relaxed while treating you to one of our professional scalp massages.
  • Do I need to make an appointment?
    Actually, you can walk in any-time! or click here to check-in ahead of time:
  • How do I find a location?
    You can use this map to find most of our locations:


Regardless of age or the occasion, boys should always look their best and we’re here to help them accomplish just that. Bring in your child whenever you’d like without even

having to schedule an appointment.



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*Service availability and price vary per location depending on age and/or other factors

*Straight Razor Treatment not available at all locations


Enough feeling short-serviced by the typical barber shop or hair salon. We apply a modern touch and an exciting experience at a trip to one of our Just 4 Him Men’s Haircuts locations.

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