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This online form allows new team members to visually sign their Bank Authorization Form, Third Party Designee for EIN, and SS-4 paperwork.

Salon Ultimate Training

Ready to get started with SalonUltimate? Sign up for our training webinars, watch our video tutorials, and read documents for onboarding.

Licenses Renewal*

Staying up-to-date with your license is important. Linked below is the Louisiana Licenses Renewal site. (Other states should Google their state sites.)

Training Course

This training that is put together from Just 4 Him allows our Independent stylist to learn from some of our best stylist, master barbers, and educators.

Watch Videos

New Stylist Documents


This online form is for stylist that already have an Employer Identification Number. This link also includes a bank authorization form.

Anonymous Comments

Anonymously explain situations, conflicts, and comments about your work environment. Linked below is a quick and easy form.

Free Easy Budgeting

The "Fudget" app is a free and simple app that can be downloaded to track expenses and income. Mark bills as "paid" and more!

Business Cards

Show you’re a pro with business cards. Vistaprint* allows you to easily customize and ship your new cards for competitive prices.

Bank Change Form

Need to change your bank information? Fill out this quick form to submit your new routing and account number. Takes less than 2 minutes.

Mental Health

Our partnership with Better Help (worlds largest therapy service that's 100% online) allows stylist to have access to mental health services.  


Collaborate with your team. Swap shifts, set availability and more. "Download Now" is for the Apple App Store, or you can download from the Google Play store here.

Facebook Group

Join the Just 4 Him Men's Haircut Facebook to improve communication between shops, improve culture, celebrate success, and get questions answered.

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